TST rear tail light fitment
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      TST rear tail light fitment


      Hey everyone. Just found these very nice looking tail lights for the SF by TST Industries. They only state they are for 848, 1098 etc. does the 848 superbike tail lights fit in the SF? They look very similar .

      Cheers for any help.


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      Adds 3 light modes to your bike's tail light

      Brake light modes: standard, pulsar, and strobe

      Fitting and play wire tackle wipes out the requirement for wire cutting, grafting, or patching

      Removable case top empowers simple choice of your ideal light mode

      Gives a significant wellbeing highlight that requests consideration while you are grinding to a halt

      Download the latest App for easy biking experience from Appvalley site.
      Fits most Yamaha tail lights highlighting their ordinarily utilized brake light fitting - kindly observe imagined attachment to confirm similarity with your brake light

      Handles up to four amperes of current

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