Looking to buy a motorcycle, huge fan of the ducati monster.
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      Looking to buy a motorcycle, huge fan of the ducati monster.

      Hey everyone,
      I'm looking at buying my first motorcycle. I'm a huge fan of the naked style bikes, my favorite being the older ducati monster 620's or the ducati monster 800 sr4. Since I have absolutely no experience with motorcycles I wanted to ask the motorcycle community on what they think sell mobile?

      I'm trying to keep it around 600-800cc since it's my first bike and I'm not looking for a lot of speed, just enough to enjoy it. Also sometimes for my commutes I would be riding up to 100 miles a day, how comfortable would a bike like that be?

      Thanks in advance.

      Edit: A lot of people are saying 600-800cc is A LOT and I do agree. However after talking to many motorcyclists who started with a 250cc immediately upgraded to a 600 or higher. I've been told many times to "buy once, buy right".
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