Warranty of Ducati …
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      Warranty of Ducati …

      Hello everyone,,,
      Right,this might sound a bit petty,i get my new 848sf in 2 weeks time and just got off the phone with the dealer in regard to me or them fitting some basic bits i.e tail tidy,rad guards,smoked led tail light.xvideos.onl/ xnxx.onl/ chaturbate.onl/
      Only to find out that anything fitted non ducati will invalidate the warranty.My point being,even a cosmetic change for example a tail tidy(non ducati)and then the bike suffers from an oil leak or gear problem etc.Would they still honour the warranty?????????
      Has anybody had any issues/problems with warrantys after changing something on the bike??iI guess it also covers if you get Termi's fitted..
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