What are you guys doing for storage on your SF?
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      What are you guys doing for storage on your SF?

      Just picked up a 2013 SF 848 with 1600 miles, love it, sold my Monster (never getting rid of my 996 and 748) - Anyway been searching for storage solutions here and am not coming up with much.... Keep in mind I hate saddle bags (no offense just not for me)---

      I have a sweet GIVI tank bag thats nice and small with a tank lock ring with quick release for my Monster(even has a pouch for your phone on top so you can see your phone), the SF doesn't seem to be set up for this - what are you guys doing for a little storage, I like a little bag for my wallet, phone, hat etc...

      Heres what I have and it was perfect but the SF has no tank ring screws for mounting the quick release retaining ring

      Givi TPH02 Tanklock Tag Bag - SoloMotoParts.com

      If your unfamiliar with tank lock system here it is: GIVI Tanklock System

      I don't like straps.

      So if you guys could share possible solutions or what you have done I would greatly appreciate it!
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      I don't travel far so only use a backpack. It's 15L so more than enough room for wet gear, wallet, etc, and just enough for a my macbook pro. I've never really like tank bags, and use a seat cowl at the back.

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      I have put my rear seat back on and use a Kriega US30 when i take my laptop home, and a US10 when just commuting to and from work. Works a treat, and so nice not having anything on my back.

      I'll do you a picture later to show you how it works.

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      Apr 2014
      I'm also using a backpack. I got the ogio no drag Mach 3 back pack and love it. It's made specifically for riding, check it out

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      I use a backpack as well. I use the Adventure backpack from Richa.

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      I have the SW Motech tank bag with the gas cap ring. I use it mainly when I need to carry a small backpack's worth of stuff. The thing I use more than anything is the Giant Loop handlebar bag. It's small enough not to be noticed that much. It's enough for a wallet, cell phone, EZ pass, tool kit.


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