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      Potential buyer needs your help

      Hello everyone,,
      I used to have a 2008 street triple that I've sold last year due to back injury, now that my back had healed up, I'm itching for a new bike. Nothing was wrong with my Triumph, it was almost the perfect bike for me, I even took it for a few 800+ miles trips, and did the saddle sore ride (1000 miles in less than 24 hours).http://tradevenue.se/

      A few days ago, I saw the Ducati Diavel and felt in love, and decided to drop by a Ducati dealer. I decided to take the 848 Street Fighter for a ride first, to compare it to my Street Triple, and all I can say is WOW! I was impressed, it felt better than my triple in every possible way, except the low-mid rpm range, the triple was much smoother, but it won't stand a chance with the fighter once the rpm goes higher.
      After that I decided to give the Diavel a shot, no doubt the Diavel looks sexy as hell, and fast as a rocket. But it felt so awkward to me, seat is low, steering is heavy and not nimble enough for me, and the pigs where in a weird place, I guess that's normal for cruisers. I admit that it's a nice sport cruiser, but I'm a small guy (6ft 140lb) and felt like it's not an ideal bike for me.
      Now back to the Street Fighter, how does it perform in long trips? is the stock seat comfortable enough? any mods you have to do to make those long trips more enjoyable? how about wind buffeting? side winds? handlebar vibration? I didn't have a chance to try it on the highway since I was not familiar with the surroundings, and didn't want to get lost

      The dealer that I've been to has a bunch of great guys, the manager offered me his 2012 848 street fighter demo for about $12k oth, it has 1000miles on it in mint condition, is that a reasonable price?
      I have no experience with Ducati bikes, and I'm seriously considering that bike, please help me decide.
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      Long trips

      Hey there, so, in your story you mentioned long trips on the SF. I have a 1098 SF and have done a few long days in the saddle over here in England. This last summer I did a 750 mile round trip in 2 days with a back pack on my shoulders. The seat was fine and comfy, the riding position is awesome and it's an easy bike to ride as you have found out (you'll never use 6th gear at legal speeds tho)

      If there is a head wind on a long trip, it can get a bit laborious at times, again topping speed limits only. Over here the limit is 70mph and wind isn't a problem but at 100mph it's getting tough.. I found the sweet spot to be 90mph.

      I'm considering putting a Puig screen on for a ride I'm doing this summer from England to Italy, World Ducati Week in July, it's a 2k round trip.

      The best mod I can suggest is changing the master cylinder, it's a very cheap mod and bolts on (assuming you are getting the 1098 with a dry clutch)
      Oh and the mirrors...get some bar end mirrors, they work and you can see what's behind you.

      Anyway, it's a fabulous bike and a real head turner, people love it and always ask me about it as soon as I park up.

      Sounds like an very angry animal..especially as I had this exhaust made so I can track the bike at 98Db

      Do it

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