A $3000 almost naked ST4 with a new 996 Desmoquattro...!!
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      A $3000 almost naked ST4 with a new 996 Desmoquattro...!!

      I got this off CL about 2 years ago from a neighbor I didn't know yet that had inherited it. He sat on it one time, fell over and broke his leg in three places. Healed up and sat on it again and tipped over to the other side. No broken bones, but he hated it. I love it! A 2002 ST4 with a 916 that had about 15,000 miles on it. It also came with two 996 engines (one brand new and one with about 2000 miles on it), some carbon fiber parts, new tires, new seat, new brake pads, a box of shims and tune up parts including belts. I put the new 996 in, a bunch of the new parts, did a intake mod, exhaust mod and Power Commander with a shared map. Wow...Torque monster now! A few things before I get razzed: I am a old man on a fixed income and yes, this is low budget, but it beats everything in that price range by miles. And the body work was damaged in the tip overs and that was the reason for making it almost naked...Besides, I think it is a crime to hide that engine! click here
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