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      New member in Wales.

      Hello everyone,,
      I've been an admirer of Ducati since the 916 because of the British dominating WSB. I bought a very special 999 5 years ago but couldn't get to grips with its size and feel. Then I continued how to win at internet cafes with my love of all things KTM. My last RC8 was immense but I fancied something different so I fell for the 1098 SF.

      I do a lot of track days and plenty of miles on the road. There are some bloody annoying things but that motor is sublime.

      The stock Showa suspenders are a pile of crap and 8 clicks of adjustment is poor so I'm wishing i bought and S model but I've heard that the Ohlins still needs work so I've ordered a Maxton GP10 rear shock and fork cartridges.

      The exhaust valve drives me bonkers how bloody intrusive is it? This is what has led me to this site to get some advice on how to tune, sort out the minor issues & meet some like minded peeps..
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