I have been riding a Bandit 600s as my first motorcycle for about 5 months, and have been enjoying myself. But I recently got a new job and wanted to see what some bigger and newer bikes felt like.

  • I started with a ninja 300, my buddy is going to pick one up in about a month and wanted to show it off a little to him. It was very light, and super fun to play with, would recommend to anyone as a starter bike!
  • My next bike lined up was a 2012 daytona 675, used with only like 2400 miles. As soon as I was sitting on it I was super excited, I have loved this bike since I saw it a couple months ago. I kicked it into first and started moving, at this point the smile was gone and I was concerned. I have never been on a super forward leaning bike like this, and I found is UNBELIEVABLY uncomfortable. I played around in first and second and got it up to maybe 25~ mph and was terrified about how fast this bike was.https://www.smular.com/
  • The last bike was a brand new 2013 ducati streetfighter 848. I stalled as I was pulling it out the first time, but quickly got comfortable on it. The clutch was very interesting, but seriously loved this bike, it felt so smooth and light. This bike felt just about as powerful as the 675, though I know it is a bit stronger, and was still pretty scared about how fast this was.


  • Is the front down lean of the 675 something that you get used to?
  • The handlebars on the 675 were bent in a very weird manner, how exactly do you turn with these? Im used to the straighter upright feel of the bandit, and it felt very different when I was making turns.
  • The 848 felt very comfortable on the track, but am I going to hate it in traffic? I live in AZ and most of my commute is pretty compact and slow, and I swear I was able to get to 30 without throttling on that monster.
  • This last question is probably stupid but I figured id ask in case someone has any helpful advice. The power of the 675 and 848 felt like more than I will ever ever use on the street, even the highway. Is it unreasonable to upgrade this quickly? These bikes still feel like a bit more than I can handle at this point, but I don't know if I will ever feel ready until I make the jump.