Wet clutch noise?
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      Wet clutch noise?

      Hello everyone,,,
      Just wondering if it is normal for the wet clutch on a 2012 SF848 to have a "slight clutch rattle" after the bike has been warmed up to operating temperature? When the engine is cold the clutch is quiet (doesn't matter if it is engaged or not). After a trip on the bike (15 minute is the shortest I've been on and longer) and the engine is hot (normal temperature) the clutch, when engaged, has a slightly louder sound then when it is disengaged. Once the bike has set off for 5 or 10 minutes and restarted again the clutch is all quiet again, until the next trip. I have Amsoil 10w40 motorcycle oil in the bike. The bike has 7500kms on it and the oil and filter was changed about 2000kms ago. So is this normal or do you think I have a problem with the clutch? The clutch seams to work fine, it does it's job.uc browser shareit appvn
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