Trading '09 R1 for '12 SF 848
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      Trading '09 R1 for '12 SF 848

      Hey guys,

      I dont have a Ducati. There's someone that wants to trade my '09 R1 with 8k miles for his '12 SF 848.

      Just wanted to know if it's a fair trade?

      Also, any concerns/problems I should be aware of when I check out his SF 848? I've been researching all weekend long for problems about the SF 848 specifically and havent really found much except the whole "Ducati's are so expensive to maintain and require more maintenance than Japanese Bikes"

      From my research I found out that the SF 848 (Correct me if i'm wrong please)
      -is just as reliable and more reliable compared to other Ducs
      -has a bulletproof engine (really?)
      -has a tank that expands (I'm in SoCal)

      A little about the bike btw:
      2012 SF 848
      -9k Miles
      -Clean Title
      -2nd owner (new owner had it for 6 months and only put 20/30 miles because he doesnt like it/has a harley too that he uses more)
      -Has a remus exhaust
      -From the pictures, it looks like it has an aftermarket comfortable looking seat
      -never been down

      Anything else I should be concerned of guys? and any other advices you guys can share?

      I know the R1 is a SB and would be more comparable to the other DUC sportbikes, but I have two other sportbikes and wouldnt mind a almost up right seating position bike.

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      It's apples to oranges. The 848 with the right mods (that cost a fortune), will handle very precisely and with minimal effort. It will possibly cost more to maintain and will be down considerably on power. I think the crossplane when setup handles quite well in the twisties, but I'm sure an 848 properly ridden would show one up. I can see why you'd be interested in buying one, assuming it's based on handling capabilities. If it's because you want a Ducati, then buy whatever you want.

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