How long ago it seems now, that the D-backs signed Zack Greinke to what was, is, and likely will remain for a while, the most expensive contract in franchise history. Six years, and $206.5 million dollars - at the time, the largest ever for a right-handed pitcher. The first year was shaky, Greinke only being worth 2.3 bWAR, with an ERA hardly any better than league average (4.37, 102 ERA+). Though it was still enough to get him the 2016 ittie, with Zack turning 33 that October, and his velocity apparently inexorably declining Mike Leake Jersey,it seriously looked like the deal was going to hand-cuff the Diamondbacks for the remaining duration. The main question seemed to be how much money they would end up having to eat. But Greinke re-invented himself, even as his fastball continued to be not so fast. The following year, he went 17-7 with a 3.20 ERA - the resulting 147 ERA+ was the third-best in his career to that point, as was the 5.7 bWAR. His ERA was nearly identical in 2018 (3.21), and he picked up another All-Star appearance for his resume. But before Opening Day this year, David Schoenfeld of ESPN listed Greinke as Arizona worst current contract - quite why it wasn Yasmany Tomas escapes me. He said, f Greinke contract was viewed as a good deal, they have traded him this offseason and that hasn happened.That was the common perception moving Zack would require Arizona to eat a lot of, if not all Bo Takahashi Jersey, the remaining salary.Zack Greinke,89mph Fastball and 90mph Changeup, Overlay.