New to ducati! am i being paranoid?

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    New to ducati! am i being paranoid?


    Traded in my invincible street triple for a black sf848 with the full factory fitted termignoni system/race ecu/ filter and I love it, but........

    Don't know if i'm just being paranoid and should just enjoy them, but the pops and bangs on the overrun are insane!! people look round like there's a terrorist machine gun attack kicking off, I know the full system has no cat/baffles and massive guage pipes but should I really sound like a crashing spitfire?
    if you get a bit excitable with the overrun she can heat up a bit too. called me a T WAT 32 a couple times

    Like I said, i'm coming at this thing from a super smooth behaving, never made a weird noise street triple so I don't know if im just worrying over nothing and "that's just what ducatis do".

    couple other things that are bugging me but im still scouring the forums for info.


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    Yes you are being a bit on the weird side. The ride position is very similar however the V-Twin has much back pressure and FYI Ducati's don't like to run at low rpm thus the heating up. I recently picked up a 2015 SF848 and live in Dallas, TX and I have zero issues with rapid temp. Name:  FB33AE3C-4985-40CC-A89B-A61142973EA2.jpg
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    I have the same bike... pops and bangs like the world is about to end - and i LOVE IT! Just enjoy it amigo :-)

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    The 'trailing throttle burbling" is one of the things I LOVE about my SuperHawk (similar engine design as the Duc). It's not doing any harm, other than to (perhaps) your reputation with your neighbors.

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